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Greeting Card
Product Specification:
printing full color (4C)
print side single / double
envelope color white or cream (ready stock will be choosen) / pink
actual size Open Size
dc6ud : 95mm x 210mm
dc6ue : 145mm x 145mm
dc8ud : 144mm x 210mm
dc12ua : 290mm x 145mm
dc16ua : 288mm x 210mm
dc16ub : 294mm x 210mm
dc16uc : 294mm x 210mm
dc16ud : 290mm x 210mm

Close Size
dc12ua : 145mm x 145mm
dc16ua : 144mm x 210mm
dc16ub : 98mm x 210mm
dc16uc : 98mm x 210mm
dc16ud : 145mm x 210mm
bleed size dc6ud : 101mm x 216mm
dc6ue : 151mm x 151mm
dc8ud : 150mm x 216mm
dc12ua : 296mm x 151mm
dc16ua : 294mm x 216mm
dc16ub : 300mm x 216mm
dc16uc : 300mm x 216mm
dc16ud : 296mm x 216mm

~ 3mm bleeding for all edge.
safe zone dc6ud : 89mm x 204mm
dc6ue : 139mm x 139mm
dc8ud : 138mm x 204mm
dc12ua : 139mm x 139mm x2
dc16ua : 138mm x 204mm x2
du16ub : 92mm x 204mm x3
du16uc : 92mm x 204mm x3
du16ud : 67mm x 204mm (left & right) x2
               : 138mm x 204mm (middle)
material 157gsm art Paper + matt lamination (d)
260gsm art Card
260gsm art Card + matt lamination (d)
260gsm art Card + gloss lamination (d)
230gsm / 250gsm ivory white (ready stock will be choosen)
210gsm / 230gsm / 250gsm platinum white (ready stock will be choosen)
quantity 10pcs / 20pcs / 30pcs / 40pcs / 50pcs / 60pcs / 70pcs / 80pcs / 90pcs / 100pcs / 150pcs / 200pcs / 250pcs / 300pcs
finishing line creasing for dc12ua, dc12ub, dc16ua, dc16ub, dc16uc, and dc16ud
file format (.ai)   (.pdf)
process duration 1-2 working day(s)

* applicable only for orders submitted before 12pm. Orders submitted after 12pm require 2 extra working days.
* If got optional finishing or finishing, extra 1 working day.
cut-off time 12:00 p.m.