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Car Screen Sticker
Product Specification:
size diameter 100mm
50mm x 60mm
100mm x 100mm
120mm x 120mm

custom size (max: 38'' width)
quantity 1pcs/ 2pcs/ 3pcs/ 4pcs/ 5pcs/ 6pcs/ 7pcs/ 8pcs/ 9pcs/ 10pcs/ 30pcs/ 50pcs/ 100pcs
printing color 720dpi - 1400dpi full color printing
1 side printing
reverse print (compulsory)
finishing non lamination
gloss lamination
matt lamination
white lamination
print and cut + gloss lamination
print and cut + matt lamination
print and cut + white lamination
reverse plot cut
material type car screen sticker
process days 2 days
file format (.ai)   (.pdf)   (.psd)   (.tiff)   (.jpeg)
note - lamination is suggested to avoid any scratches.
- we can't produce this type of product,
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