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Product Specification:
size 3feet x 10feet
3feet x 12feet
3feet x 15feet
3feet x 18feet
3feet x 20feet
4feet x 10feet
4feet x 12feet
4feet x 15feet
4feet x 18feet
4feet x 20feet
5feet x 10feet
5feet x 12feet
5feet x 15feet
5feet x 18feet
5feet x 20feet
8feet x 8feet
10feet x 10feet

custom size
~ (for giant banner tarpaulin exceed 10 feets of width need to join finishing)
~ (for giant banner synthetic paper & synthetic pearl exceed 4 feets of width need to join finishing)
quantity 1pcs/ 2pcs/ 3pcs/ 4pcs/ 5pcs/ 6pcs/ 7pcs/ 8pcs/ 9pcs/ 10pcs
printing color 720dpi - 1400dpi full color printing
1 side printing
lamination gloss lamination
matt lamination

~ only apply on synthetic paper
installation tools (a) cut to size only
(b) eyelet on top & bottom (foc for 4 eyelets)
(c) top& bottom PVC pole (foc for 1st 3feet, bunting smaller than 2feet x 5feet will have extra charges for pole)

~ additional for PVC pole or eyelet will be charge
material type tarpaulin 0.32
tarpaulin 0.38
tarpaulin 0.42
synthetic paper
process days 2 days
file format (.ai)   (.pdf)   (.psd)   (.tiff)   (.jpeg)